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    The best beaches of Ibiza

    This article will contain just boring descriptions of the famous beaches of Bossa, Bora Bora, Talamanca and others that are located near Ibiza and San Antonio which represent typical Turkish-type beaches with a flat surface and a lot of people and dull sunbeds. I would like to share the most unusual, cozy beaches, secret getaways, which we could find while traveling around the island. BTW, you can reach them even by public transport.

    TOP 10 Ibiza Beaches

    This beach is really awesome! As if on the Maldives lagoons hovering where crystal clear turquoise water stretches to the horizon. We fell in love with this beach. Location - the northwestern part of the island, and from this place a gorgeous view of the nearest island opens up, the panorama of the north and west coast of the island is pleasing to the eye.
    Not to say that the beach is large, but it consists of three beaches, so it is better to arrive early in the season if you want to take a better place. By the way, one of the three beaches is nudist, do not mix it up. At the extreme point of the island - the cape - they set up the trendy Sunset Ashram bar-restaurant, where you will find great delicious dinners, coupled with an unreal look. You can have a drink here, but you need to book in advance if you are traveling in the season. Prices are average, pizza will cost 10-14 euros. The sunset here is perhaps the best on the whole island. You can get there by personal transport - large free parking is available for you, you can take a taxi. You can get from San Antoni by 4 bus.

    I am not afraid of this word, one of my favorite beaches. Large enough, about 300 meters in length, it is located between two picturesque rocks. By the way, the view from the right cliff is breathtaking, therefore I strongly advise you to climb it. On the beach, you will find several cozy restaurants that work for lunch and dinner. Of the advantages, it can be noted that you can sunbathe topless, like on almost all the beaches of Ibiza. Most girls do that, by the way.
    A cool place for a marine photo session is a picturesque stone whose edge is lost in the sea. The beach is great for surfers - here is a great wave. You can get there by public transport - 38th from Ibiza and 4 from San Antoni.

    Are you a romantic who loves to cry hugging while watching a fantastic sunset? You need to go here. The sunsets here are really cool! In order not to miss all the beauty, drive up to the upper platform and go down the wooden stairs. In the rays of the setting sun, the atmospheric and cozy beach is filled with a special atmosphere! Here you will find small restaurants, wooden docks that add to the beach entourage. It’s easier to get here by car or taxi from San Antoni - the journey will only take 7 minutes if you are traveling from San Antoni

    Fashionable wide party beach is located west of San Antoni and is famous for its white sand and turquoise water. There is always music on this beach, always an atmosphere of the dance. Here you will find sunbeds, but you can lie down on the sand without any problems. The bottom is good, without sudden changes and sandy. If you move a little to the right, then at the rocky stones you can enjoy swimming with a mask. It can be reached by car, but there are difficulties with parking, there is public transport - the 7th bus from San Antoni.

    No need to read - look at the photo - and you will understand: not having been here, you seemed to have forgotten about pizza in Naples.
    I strongly advise you to visit the upper platform, 300 m to the right on the road. There you can leave the car in the parking lot and appreciate the chic view, no - VIEW on the bay. Take a camera and a photographer! The beach itself is tiny, located in the northeast of the island, near the city of Portinatx. There are small restaurants with excellent views at your service. To get there, you need to go towards Portinach, stop a little earlier. You can take the 13 bus to Santa Eulalia, and then change to the 20 bus.

    This beach is probably the largest in this collection - hotels, restaurants, and cafes unless the subway is not opened. A cozy beach, palm trees - beauty. Therefore, we liked the beach and the small town on the east coast of the island. In the season, the wild problem of finding a place for a car is almost like leaving the metro in Moscow. Leaving on an emergency gang with a phone on a piece of paper is not the best option, to say the least. It is better to stay in one of the hotels or rent a chic villa on a cliff in order to experience all the joys of this wonderful place in the form of a cozy beach with crystal clear calm water.

    The small town is located in the north-eastern part of the island, and its beaches are just two tiny beaches, but with a large number of restaurants and hotels. A cozy and beautiful place where you want to stay for at least a couple of days. Comfortable sandy beaches with a nice bottom also made of sand. You can get there by car or by bus: at 13 go to Santa Eulalia and Ibiza, and then transfer to 20 to Portinach.

    The view of the sunset from here is truly unreal! Perhaps the best sunset we saw in Ibiza. The reason for this is the rocks of Es Vedra, which will not leave anyone indifferent. And if clouds hang above them, then it may seem that these are volcanoes. The coolest sight, definitely. On the shore, you can find restaurants with panoramic views and really delicious food. Those who wish always flock to the sunset, therefore it is better to book a restaurant much in advance. There are more parking places on the upper platform, on the lower they are almost always occupied. Well, in the photo all the beauty, see for yourself!

    In the end, I want to mention one tiny and comfortable beach relatively close to the airport. Unique to Ibiza red cliffs can only be found here, and their view is amazing. Girls here are happy to sunbathe topless because it can show that this is a nudist beach. But no, here no one is ashamed of those present, like everywhere else in Ibiza. Here, on this beach, you can find a chic fish restaurant, which is located right in the gorge between the rocks. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

    This beach is called ‘white waters’ due to the foam created when the wind hits the water, making it appear white. Backed with beautifully coloured and textured high cliffs, it has unblemished surroundings with a dramatic effect. The beach has golden sand that is soft and fine, and the sea bed is also sandy but with some rocks dotted around – so watch your step! This is an official nudist beach and a really alternative place to go and live the real Ibiza.
    If you want to see a different beach landscape, with dark sand (something unusual on this otherwise white island,) you should come here. You will need to walk up a big hill to get here, but it’s worth it. There is paid parking at the end of the road. Go to Yucas Chiringito for refreshments, frequented by all the beach locals. Location: 10 minutes drive from San Carlos

    Here is such a small rating of the best beaches in Ibiza we made after our trip to the island. We hope you find these notes useful.

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